Countryside Townhouses of Kentwood

We welcome you to Countryside Townhouses in Kentwood. Now you and your children can live better than ever before in these pacious and well designed Townhouses.

Your Townhouse is happily situated in country surroundings with plenty of trees, grass and fresh air. We've even built a special play arean fo rthe children, filled with sturdy creative toys, in a large open area. You'll like everything about Countryside Townhouses. Your home is convenient to Kentwood schools, churches, find shopping and public transportation. Everything about your Townhouse promises you the kind of home, neighbors and srroundigns you've always wanted for your family, at an affordable price.

Features of Countryside Townhouses

A Countryside Townhouse is an outstanding value. Its low monthly rent includes your heat, gas for cooking, water, trash removal, and all of these excellent features: